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If we can’t fix it or an appointment is missed a full refund will be issued

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Every Fix Comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee

If your related problem comes back anytime in two weeks, we will fix it for free.

Quick Fix

Need a quick fix? Need advise on anything IT?

If it takes less than 15 mins it’s a quick fix.

*Need help picking out a new computer

*Email problems

*Install/Uninstall Software

*Dvd/VCR/Video cameras/Surround Sound

*Word or Excel Questions

*Cell phone help

*Browser Plugins

*Computer Updates

*Forgotten passwords

*Technical Support

*If it plugs in we can help you

Sometimes life is an easy fix. Sometimes it’s not.

Upgrade to “Fix Anything” package

Fix Anything

If you are not satisfied we’ll refund you %100!

You name it we can probably do it

*Virus Removal

*Data Backup

*Factory Restore

*New Operating System

*Router setup / Troubleshooting

*Hardware problems


*Windows Servers 2008-2016

*Switches / Networking / Wifi

*Nas Storage

*Point to Point bridges

*VoIP Telephone setup

*Network Drives / Printers

*Small Business setup

If we can’t fix it We’ll tell you who can.

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Monthly Fix

Keep devices happy and fast with monthly checkups

Stay on top of ever changing technology

We’ll take good care of you

*minimum 3 months and cancel anytime afterward

*General Maintenance

*Virus Protection


*Software Support